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Frequently Asked Questions

Will hypnotherapy work for me?

As long as you have the desire to succeed and are committed to resolving the issue in question, I am confident that hypnotherapy will work for you. However it is not a one-way street. I can only help you insofar as you are willing to help yourself. A successful outcome depends entirely upon your commitment to the programme and willingness to address your fears in the initial stages.

Most importantly of all, you must want it to work for you. You should never enter a course of hypnotherapy on the say-so of others or to appeal to the wants of others.

Can I be certain of confidentiality?

All hypnotherapists are bound by law to a strict code of confidentiality. Any and all client information is held under lock and key in a secure filing cabinet accessible only by myself.

The course will involve a number of frank questions, the answers to which may be both private and sensitive in nature. As such, it is vital I have your complete confidence, and offer a 100% guarantee that all matters discussed, personal or otherwise, will remain strictly between the client and myself.

Remember, I am not here to judge or form opinions of any kind. As a practicing hypnotherapist I am bound by rules of confidentiality, and always act with integrity and compassion.

Does hypnotherapy work for everybody?

In the majority of cases a course of hypnotherapy will result in permanent and positive changes. However, as in any field, there will always be a small percentage of people for whom hypnosis will not work.

The course will involve a certain amount of questioning that may lead to an unlocking of long suppressed memories and emotions. Success requires one hundred percent participation from you, the client, and it is vital that you are ready to commit.

Although I will do my utmost to help and guide you through the process I cannot, and will not, force you to do anything against your will. If you feel that you are unable to fully participate in the sensitive process of questioning at the present time, it is unlikely that I can be of any help.

What does it feel like to be hypnotised?

Although the experience will vary from person to person or even from one session to another, most people report feelings of calmness, peacefulness and tranquility. Time may pass very quickly and it is not uncommon for clients to wake from a sixty-minute session believing it to have lasted as little as ten minutes.

Upon waking the feelings of calmness may persist for hours or, in some cases, even days.

Will I be aware of what is being said to me?

For the most part you will be fully aware of everything that is happening around you. Occasionally your attention may wander as you drift in and out of your own thoughts. This is part of the process and is absolutely normal.

At the end of each session you will be given a cd recording to use in the comfort of your own home.

Can I be made to do anything against my will?

You will be fully conscious during hypnosis and may come out of your relaxed state any time you wish. You have my word as a professional that I will act with absolute integrity and will not force you to cluck like a chicken or stand on your head at any time!

Can hypnotherapy be harmful or dangerous?

Hypnotherapy is a natural process to which there are no known side effects. In the overwhelming number of cases clients leave the therapy room feeling refreshed and optimistic about the future.

As a warning, please make sure you check that the therapist you are thinking of having treatment with is fully qualified and registered with a professional body for example the NCH or GHR.

If you feel you may still have some unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss things further. Call 07547 536998 or e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





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