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Slimming Secrets Online

To help people achieve their weight loss goals I have devised an online world full of useful tips, healthy recipes and further techniques to help you on your way.  Even if you haven’t purchased the Slimming Secrets Weight Loss Programme you can still join the online site.

Slimming Secrets Online is a newly developed log in site that runs along side my weight loss hypnotherapy. It is designed to give individuals help and support towards achieving their goals.

On registration you will have access to:-

**  Your own personal log in.

** A range of healthy recipes displaying the calorie content for each.  Perfect for those on a calorie controlled diet.

** Basic detox plans

**  Hints and tips for healthy living.

** NLP techniques to help you banish those food cravings for good.

** A basic relaxation session to download free.

** A support forum where you can chat with other users, share recipes and healthy tips, or give and receive motivation to help you achieve your goal.  Should you need me, I will also be available to guide and support you.

Got a healthy recipe you would like to share?

Please email me and I will add it to the site along with your name.

The site will continually be updated with new recipes and tips to help you along your way to achieving your goals.

Price Details

If you have already purchased the Slimming Secrets Weight Loss Programme, you will have the option to request a log in and have access to the online world for three months free of charge.  Thereafter, the monthly fee will be £5.00.  You will be contacted after the free period to discuss things further.  Access will be withdrawn if the payment is cancelled.

For individuals just wanting the online log in feature, the fee will be £5.00 per month.  Again, access will be withdrawn if the payment is cancelled.

If you would like to sign up, or if you still have some unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Subscribe to Slimming Secrets Online

Subscription can be set up via Paypal by clicking the link below.



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